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Originally Posted by nightshadea View Post
this article is a bit worrying for dodger fans

Apparently, the Dodgers are getting known for not being able to win the big games ..

should dodger fans be worried like the article suggest ?
I'm worried for two reasons one the playoffs are a crap shoot and its really easy to lose any single series, and our bullpen terrifies me. I don't think that yankees weekend showed anything special since we were hardly running out our A team, heck the game we won was started by a rookie who will be luck to benin the pen come the playoffs.

Ryu has had a tough couple of starts and I think the league is figuring out bueller a bit so their regression is to he expected. Kershaw is have his best season in two or three years though so its not like our starting pitching has disappeared. I think our offence has suffered a bit by focusing more on the home run and less on average and I was glad to hear Doc say that he'd talked to Bellinger about getting more hits and focusing less on power. Now that we've ended the Joc at First experiment I think most roles are as settled as they can be and our defence looks good.

Will we win the world series? Probably not but I'd agree with 538 that the dodgers have about a 25% chance to and that's pretty wonderful and if not we're still looking at another 100+ win season again next year and another division title. Which keeps me happy outside of October and who know maybe with urias, may, gonsolin, maeda going to the pen it'll turn around like they plan