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I'm not sure what you mean by a "dual LNB thing", but it doesn't matter if all you want is to have more than one or two televisions getting a satellite signal. (I think "dual LNB" enables Picture-In-Picture, and might allow you to tape one program while watching another.)

I have a single DirectTV satellite dish. I'm running three televisions off the single feed from the dish. However, at each television you have to have a separate satellite receiver box. The selection of which channel you want to watch is controlled by the receiver. It is like the cable boxes of old.

With a separate receiver for each television, all three televisions can be showing a different channel. All with a single satellite dish.

Now, you could get by with only one satellite receiver, but then all three televisions would be forced to watch the same program.

Or, assuming that "dual LNB" sends two separate channels, you could have two televisions controlled by the "dual LNB" receiver and a third television controlled by a separate "single LNB" (?) receiver.
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