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Originally Posted by DrDeth View Post
So, it appears you'd prefer trump? Since Biden has the best chance of beating tump.
The sad irony here is that the same people who keep repeating this mantra are also the same exact people who dismissed the polls 4 years ago that showed Sanders polling better against Trump than Clinton. What changed?

But of course polls taken this far in advance have very little predictive value, and most voters are barely paying attention to the presidential race. They see "Biden" as an option and think of the scandal-free, folksy VP a few years ago. They think it's still the same Uncle Joe they know so well. Once they start to realize that he can barely speak coherently anymore and his handlers are keeping him hidden away for nap time, his margins against Trump will slowly shrink the closer we get to election day.

IMHO the thing that killed Clinton's campaign wasn't Russia, or Comey, or even her decades-long blood feud with the GOP. It was when she collapsed from pneumonia and was thrown into a car like a sack of potatoes, seemingly confirming to moronic voters a weeks-long barrage of conspiracy theories about her health. That was the exact moment she lost the election. Americans don't want to vote for someone who doesn't seem healthy, virile, or capable of being Commander in Chief.

So nominate Biden and see what happens. He won't have the option of hiding during the general election campaign unfortunately, and sticking to nothing but teleprompters diring rallies and town halls will be a no-no. Every day we will be hearing about some new baffling thing that spews out of his mouth, and we will be treated to constant clips of him shuffling and stumbling around like a lost nursing home resident. You all better hope he doesn't faint or something, as any old man would while doing something even half as physically & mentally taxing as running for president.