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Originally Posted by FinnAgain View Post
It's not so much the face, as all the choices. And (damnit!) I do not want anything spoilered for me at all, so I don't want to know which choices are important and which aren't. Helped the Hanar preacher in ME1? Maybe he leads an elite squad of ninja priests into Reaper territory. That crime lord gal who becomes a social worker if you set her straight? Maybe she unleashes her suicidal patients on the Reapers into a great wave of emo. I dunno, and I don't want to know until I play through, but damnit I want all my choices!

(grumble, grumble, feh)
Here's are what I think matters

  • Loyalty missions in ME2
  • Turning the base over to Cerebus
  • Saving the Council
  • Sparing or killing the Rachni Queen
  • Character-based DLCs matter! (AFAIK, Kasuimi, Shadow Broker)
  • Whether you punch that reporter...
  • ...probably lots of other stuff I haven't noticed or forgot