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Originally Posted by Mr. Kobayashi View Post
Not looking at anything, just reporting on the facecode thing. Got the demo yesterday (I'm late to the party I know); put in the facecode I got from following the BioWare forums resulted in a pretty perfect reconstruction of my Shep I've had since ME1, although I've heard results can vary. So, when I pick up my copy tomorrow and import my save, if it cocks up I've got a recourse.

Also; it's a lot harder than I thought it would be. What the hell has happened to Shockwave?! Gone from an unstoppable freight train of biotic power to having all the force of a chihuahua taking a piss. Warp's still as useful as ever though, as is Singularity. Floating ducks!
The problem with the face generator in ME3, and 2 as well I think, is that most of the options to adjust the shape of the nose that was in ME1 was removed, so if you made a lot of adjustments to for example bridge and nostril width you're out of luck. If not then you can get a pretty good likeness.

The main change in biotics is that there are more combos available for biotic detonation, so they aren't useless against shielded/armored enemies anymore. Off the top of my head you can detonate warp, stasis, reave, singularity, and even lift I think. Shockwave is pretty underwelming in 3, and I tend to not get it at all since all the other skills are more useful.