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Originally Posted by Smapti View Post
My top 5 would have to be something like this;

5) Hulk Hogan beats Sgt. Slaughter at Wrestlemania VII, thus winning back the title and singlehandedly winning the Gulf War for America.
4) "It's me, Austin! IT WAS ME ALL ALONG, AUSTIN!"
3) The Rock vs. Hogan at Wrestlemania 18.
2) Being in the second row live for the Raw in Seattle last year, where the main event Cena/Orton promo got completely derailed because we wouldn't stop cheering for Daniel Bryan.
1) Bryan beating Triple H at Wrestlemania this year, then getting off a stretcher in the main event and beating Orton and Batista to become champion.
I can't find any online video of Bryan, how good is he? I know he won wrestler awards of the year like 10 times and is considered a technician, but I just can't locate any good tape of him.

Between say Bret Hart, Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle, or Shawn Michaels, how would he rank?