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Originally Posted by Knowed Out View Post
I picked up WWE network, and have been binge watching NXT. You guys are right. It has an "indie" feel to it, and most of the roster are Daniel Bryan types. Sami Zayn vs Tyler Breeze was awesome, and Adrienne Neville vs Tyson Kidd was awesome. It's like a more polished version of RoH.

After some wiki browsing, I see that Sami Zayn used to be El Generico. That's pretty cute. It's like all the other gimmicks have been used, so just call him "The generic one." Why do fans sing the Olay song for him?
As you noted, he was previously El Generico and he had a masked luchador gimmick at the time, so the song has kind of stuck with him even though he's no longer playing that character. (In real life, he's a Canadian of Syrian ancestry, which they've been playing up a little lately since it gets him over in the Arab world.)

NXT fans in general tend to come up with some interesting chants - there was a period a few months ago where, any time anyone delivered a powerbomb, they'd start chanting "BETTER THAN BATISTA!", and when CJ Parker (an evil tree-hugging hippie who likes to lecture the crowd about how they're polluting too much) wrestles, they've been known to chant "GLOBAL WARMING!" to get at him. I'm not even sure what it is they chant when the Ascension is wrestling, but I'm usually distracted by how awesome the Ascension is to pay attention. If these guys don't get a Demolition-esque year-and-a-half-long tag title reign when they get called up, I'll be very disappointed.