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Originally Posted by Machinaforce View Post
I tried that before, really I did. But no matter how heartfelt, thought out, or reasoned I was, fear just ruled out. Fear that I am disobeying or lying to myself, fear that they are right (crazy I know) and that I am wrong by not listening to them. I have given myself permission, but it does nothing.
You have my personal permission not to listen to those idiots. They're not right, except in the sense (and frequency) of a stopped clock. When it comes to their wild assertions about the cosmology of reality they're really not right. Incoherence is not wisdom.

I'll tell ya, the thing that boggles my mind is that you think that these particular idiots have a hotline to truth, when they're just one voice in a sea of contradicting voice. It sounds like you're listening to them because they're wrong, and because the things they say confuse you and make you unhappy. They say things that don't make sense to you and rather than entertaining the idea that they're idiots you assume there's some truth to the nonsensical things they say.