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Originally Posted by DrDeth View Post
Just keep some in your car.
Oh, we have.

And then we go on a big shopping trip, use up the bags (feeling oh so virtuous), and after we haul all the new crap into the house and put all the groceries away, we don't make the extra step to put the bags back in the car.

Part of our personal problem, is that Mr VOW and I spend half our time in SCal, and half our time in AZ. AZ has no bag ban yet, and during our trips there, we get spoiled by receiving all those neat free bags!

I even bring bunches of them back to SCal to my daughter, to replenish her supply.

Meanwhile, in her pantry, in the open corners of her house, and in the little hidey places amongst the crap in her garage, the reusable plastic bags are congregating and breeding...

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