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My pet peeve in movies and TV shows is microphones being used wrong.

The worst recent example of this is the movie Late Night. Emma Thompson plays a late night TV show host who, in the decades she has hosted her show, has apparently never noticed that her microphone in pointed the wrong way! The microphone is a classic Shure Super 55, also known as the "Potato masher" and is the microphone most closely associated with Elvis Presley, so much so that it co-starred with Elvis on his stamp.

The thing about the Super 55 is that it has a little stylized "S" on the front grill. That's the part you sing into. Not the top which, to clue you in, is made of solid metal!

Half of the stock photos out there feature models singing into the solid top!

Sorry, but this is as stupid as someone picking up a 35mm camera and putting the lens to their eye rather than the viewfinder!