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Spellcaster University: one part Sims Medieval, one part Hogwarts, one part deck builder

With a bit of Oxygen Not Included tossed in as well.

Still in Early Access but definitely playable, I've only had it for a little over a day and already have three hours in. A great evil has destroyed all of the wizarding schools in this universe; you were a senior student at one of those schools and have decided to start up your own.

Pick a location, collect cards to build rooms, place decorations, and establish student houses (like the four in Hogwarts). You always start with the same cards: two houses, one dorm, one meal hall, one rec hall, and your initial five students. Each student or prospective staff come with at least one positive and at least one negative trait; students can be rejected for any reason. Staff will be hired whenever a room requiring one is placed; you will always be presented with a choice of two and must pick one right then. As your school progresses and students graduate, status effects can remove traits from either side.

Unlike Hogwarts, these wizards don't mind associating with muggles. Sometimes they'll come to you with a request or you can contact them via messenger. For example: coffers running short of gold? Have some of your students put on a magic show for the local merchants' guild - for a price, of course.

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