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Originally Posted by Isosleepy View Post
I believe repairing the bridges in Pittsburgh a worthwile government undertaking. I could conceivably add my labor. But I don’t want to. Fortunately, there are people who do want to.
I believe there is something disturbing about the fact that the US can be involved in as many as three wars at one point (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya) with most of the US population never confronted with any consequences of war. But the notion of “shut up, if you aren’t willing to go”, in these times of a professional (i.e. volunteer, non-draft) military is wrong. The deployment of the military is a state exercising its power, the which any stake-holder should have a say in. So I must respectfully disagree with you, and RobertHeinlein, on this.
I have no interest in shutting anyone up -- quite the contrary, in fact. I want to know everyone's opinions. Please, please, give me all your opinions, especially about war, my fellow Americans! This is the kind of thing we should be talking about (and indeed, even arguing about!).