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Originally Posted by XT View Post
Why is it fundamentally different? Seems an arbitrary thing that you are just making up to me. Perhaps you can go into some sort of detail that shows that, objectively, it's fundamentally different to support the US in military action than to support it in any of the myriad other things it does at any given time, foreign or domestic. What about quasi military things, such as the War on Trade(tm)? If I support that, does that mean I have to only buy American or I'm an extreme coward?
Because, in our history, war is usually (but not always) a choice made by the wealthy and powerful at the expense and to the detriment of the poor and powerless. And war usually results in catastrophic suffering and loss of human life, unlike the other things you mentioned.

Seems like a logical progression to me. You are saying that anyone who isn't in the military or isn't going off to join right away shouldn't be able to support the government in a military action. In fact, you go the next step and say that if they don't, they are a coward. What's the assumption that's absent from your OP??
This is not an accurate summation of my position.