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Originally Posted by HurricaneDitka View Post
"Criticize"? He hasn't, which is why I didn't use that word in my post.
No, you didn't use the word "criticize" in your post. You quoted a famous scene from a movie where an officer loses his temper at the idea that someone could possibly question his methods in doing his job, stated that you felt the scene is relevant to the OP, and then asked if anyone posting to the thread had internalized the idea that non-military people should not share opinions about military actions. But you totally didn't say the word "criticize," so you win all the internet points!

I think it's fairly transparent that he's trying to establish a framework where he's free to criticize the military and advocate against military actions without any repercussions but he can label those who disagree with him (and support military action) as 'gutless cowards'. I find the whole exercise unconvincing.
Yes, he absolutely is establishing an ethical framework around what someone who thinks the use of force by nations should be willing to do before they advocate for the use of said force. Well spotted! Now, can you explain why you think that's a bad thing? Do you not find the idea of saying, "I think this is important enough that you should die for it, but not important enough that I should die for it," at least slightly distasteful?