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Fuck you too, electric boogaloo!

Virginia elected a Democratic governor and legislature for the first time in a quarter-century, and when they proposed moderate gun control legislation, the right-wing snowflakes lost their shit and started threatening to take their ball home. They're raising the specter of a full-blown civil war against what they claim is tyranny.

Bad enough, but at least when their gggggrandfathers did it back in 1861, they used florid Victorian language. Now, they're trying to either cloak their treasonous talk, or make light of it, by calling rebellion against the duly-elected government "the boogaloo." I presume this meme arose from the "thought" Civil War II: Electric Boogaloo.

So to that faction of Virginians who are bandying about the fucking boogaloo with any thing but unalloyed condemnation: fuck you too, electric boogaloo! Dems get gerrymandered and "voter fraud"ed out of electoral victory in state after state, and when they do manage to overcome all that, take office, and propose legislation that's survived judicial review and that they didn't hide during the campaign, the opposition tries to win anyway by threatening civil war if they dare to enforce that legislation. Why bother having an election at all, why not just give all the keys to the Republicans and appoint them to office permanently?

And the hand-wringers who claim to not support "boogaloo" but ostentatiously and repeatedly express concern about it if the horrible evil legislation is implemented -- I'm looking at you, Phil Van Cleave and your "Leave it alone. Walk away.” in the article -- don't escape unscathed. IMHO, they want all the deterrent effect of scaring off the Virginia government from adopting legislation they oppose without any of the backlash or personal cost of taking a pro-civil-war stance.

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