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Originally Posted by Lumpy View Post
Moderate? The VA state Democrats are proposing laws that amount to "you can't own any guns the government decides it doesn't want you to have". That pretty much shits on gun ownership as a fundamental right, and the Dems don't care if the troglodytes object, they plan to cram it down the throats of the populace because what's "right" trumps what the hoi polloi want- which pretty much shits on the idea of democracy.
Actually polls show pretty much the opposite. Its been the minority gun lobby troglodites who don't believe in Democracy and are trying to cram guns down the throats of the populace because of what they believe is right which pretty much shits on the idea of democracy.

Voters strongly support requiring background checks on all gun sales, 86% to 13%,
and passing a ‘red flag’ law to remove guns from someone who may harm someone, 73% to 23%,
according to the poll results. A slight majority, 54% to 44%, support banning assault-style weapons.

Among other results:

Voters strongly back the Equal Rights Amendment (80%-13%).

A slight majority oppose giving localities authority to remove or alter Confederate monuments (51%-44%).

Voters strongly support decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana (83%-14%).

Voters strongly support raising the minimum wage (72%-28%)

Voters strongly support automatic voter registration (64%-31%), and no-excuse absentee voting (74%-23%)

Voters strongly support passage of the redistricting reform constitutional amendment (70%-15%).

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