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Originally Posted by Steven_Maven View Post

Easy... if you’re Christian. If I had been there, I would have written, “What is ‘How should I know? I’m Jewish.’” Note: the part of the Clue about Coolidge was an irrelevant distraction.
ISTM it's a pretty well-known quotation. Perhaps easier for practicing Christians, but IMHO it should have been relatively easy for many people with ordinary exposure to the dominant Christian culture of the Western Hemisphere. (FYI, I'm Jewish and an atheist.)

I hadn't thought much about it, but you're right that the whole Coolidge thing is an apparent non-sequitur. It doesn't seem to be a "pinner," a second clue to the right answer that many Jeopardy clues contain. Unless there's supposed to be some connection between "Silent" Cal and "the Word." I don't see it. Anyone else?
I agree with Commonsense.
Obviously, all 3 players display a high level of skill and speed. Nevertheless, I agree with commasense [again] that Brad is punching up.
Thank you.
My favorite part of this Tournament is the mutual respect and camaraderie. Did you see James high-5 Ken after that double up on day 3? Sure they’re all competitive, but they also recognize that the other 2 are worthy opponents, a rare situation for any of them.
I agree with you!