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Fuck you too, electric boogaloo!

I can’t fail to wonder how much of the boogalooing may be a result of the efforts of provocateurs planting in various information venues the suggestion that there can be no choice but the boogaloo, and that ANY majority rule is by definition tyranny thereof.

Meanwhile, the last barely-Republican legislature could have used the chance they had to modify Northam’s proposals to something more passable to them, and then put the onus on him to sign them, and defused the pro-gun-control side of the Democratic platform and their momentum. But noooo, it was flat-out NO, nada, not a step back, don’t give an inch, don’t even consider it. And I can almost foretell that come this legislative session they will not even consider the possibility of lending votes to a less restrictive measure, it will once again be “NOOO! No Compromise! All Or Nothing!” (and don’t get smug, Dems, I know a bunch of you are gonna be like “sucks to be ya, losers”)

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