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Originally Posted by Kobal2 View Post
That is, broadly, how gun control works at its most basic level, yes. Have a gold star.
Thatís not only how gun control works, thatís how the law has been for a while.

The right to bear arms doesnít equate to the right to carry around anything you want to without restrictions. Itís surprisingly lax; you can literally own a weapon that launches grenades or rockets if you register with the BATF and pay a small tax. Some states are a bit more restrictive but it will vary.

Weapons recently manufactured and fully automatic are not legal to own and use as a private citizen. Fully automatic weapons manufactured before 1986 can be legal to own if registered, but they are hard to find and very expensive. Itís also legal to buy a semiautomatic weapon that can be converted to fully automatic, though there have been efforts to make that practice illegal.

Regardless, the precedent has already been set that the federal government can and does tell you what guns you are allowed to legally possess. Griping about a new law that might violate the absolute right to gun ownership is a futile exercise since it already doesnít exist.