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Originally Posted by Morgenstern View Post
IF anyone, anywhere, ever says LSLGuy is not a gentleman and a scholar, I will personally email them a picture of BigT with that Yoda quote printed on it.
I feel I would be remiss if I didn't take a moment to say that I concur with this. I consider LSLGuy to be among the most valuable members of this community, and his posts are invariably respectful, insightful, and informative.
Originally Posted by Lemur866 View Post
Every time I read one of his threads, I think of this old sketch, How To Do It:

It's all so simple! To colonize the moon you just invent self-replicating factories, send one to the moon, and you're done. To solve immortality, you just invent a way to extract the complete personality, thoughts and memory from a frozen human brain, and you're done. To solve economics, just build solar panels everywhere, use the excess power to create methane which you store for later, and you're done. Now, do I even need to show you all how to cure cancer?

It's so simple, why am I even bothering to explain it? And yet they called me mad bacl at the Academy! Fools! I'll destroy them. I'll destroy them all.
Perfect! Throw in a Major Attitude Problem, and that sums up exactly why I find SamuelA so fucking annoying. But as I said to him in all sincerity in the Trolls R Us thread, we've had worse (although most of them are banned), so there may be hope for him yet if he can rapidly acquire some maturity and dial back the all-knowing obnoxiousness about 7000 degrees.

I haven't contributed to this thread because I pretty much said what I had to say back in the OTRS thread (#5041), and besides, as already noted, it was completely overshadowed by Tripler's masterful takedown in #5044 and later, but #5044 alone deserves some kind of plack.

But since I'm here I'll just note my amusement at his claim that my criticism of his illiteracy was all over just a "minor typo", because "you can't argue with me on the points, so you hammer me because I missed a comma ...". And then the fuckwit had the audacity to claim:
I'm using tenet correctly in context. So which is it : I'm so illiterate I don't know the difference between a dude who lives in a rental property and a belief or principle, or I accidentally typed it wrong and spellcheck didn't warn me?
This after I did in fact criticize him on the points, notably his idiotic statement about capitalism and his racism, and more generally, I and many others have constantly hammered him on his useless oversimplifications of complex technologies and his cult-like belief in fantastical prognostications, as Lemur so succinctly summarized above.

And I would just note in passing, if only for my own entertainment, that he doesn't seem to know what a typo is. Writing "teh" instead of "the" is a typo. It means rapidly typing fingers got out of sync. Writing "their" instead of "they're" and similar mistakes with homographs can sometimes be just a mental slip, though sometimes an indicator of something more fundamental. But writing "tenant" instead of "tenet" in the same sentence that contains "per say" -- those are not typos. Those are indicators of ignorance. A normal person would admit the mistake and move on -- not really a huge deal in the larger scheme of things -- but not SamuelA. He has to "prove" that not only was it not a mistake, but it's his accuser who is mistaken.

Granted, those particular examples are very limited indicators of ignorance, but one makes assumptions, like one does when seeing a cockroach or two scurrying under the fridge when the light comes on. It may be just an unlikely happenstance, the entomological equivalent of a smart black person in SamuelA's racist world, but the smart money says that when you've seen two, the place is probably infested with them.