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The local hobby shop in my area went under a couple years ago, now I have no convenient way to send multicolored cardboard tubes with balsa/plastic fins and nose cones into the sky using smaller cardboard tubes packed with black powder....

Looks like OctoBertha’s flight days will be limited

Octo is a custom built rocket, consisting of 2.5 Estes Big Bertha body tubes, eight Big Bertha fins, a baffle mounted midship, to eliminate the need for recovery wadding, and a standard Big Bertha nose cone and parachute, she was built to be as slow and draggy as possible to give a more accurate slower liftoff, and her performance is nearly perfect on a C6-3 motor.

I also have an Estes V2 in research pattern paint, and a Maxi Alpha 3 that needs its maiden launch.
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