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Originally Posted by Gyrate View Post
The EU have not "refused to negotiate properly". If anything, the EU have bent over backwards to facilitate negotiations with the UK.
Nonsense. They refused to negotiate before Article 50 was triggered, and so are completely to blame for the timing issues. Had they done so, either a workable deal would have been found before it was triggered, leaving 2 years to implement it or - more likely - it would have become clear that there is not workable deal possible, and it would never have been triggered in the first place.

If the rules prevented such negotiation, change the rules.

Ultimately, the EU should be acting to protect itself and its member states - and that includes the UK, a current member state. Instead, it has shown it is willing to harm both sides.

None of this excuses the stupidity and inaction of the UK - but our stupidity and inaction doesn't excuse the EU, either.