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New book by two Dopers - the truth about vaccines

Two fed-up dopers share with you all we've learned about vaccines. We have no ties to the pharmaceutical companies. We're simply two ordinary people sick and tired of arguing with the wrong people about this subject over and over again.

We'll show you: Why Andrew Wakefield was in the wrong from the very start -- What life was like before vaccines -- What's in a vaccine (and what isn't) -- What's behind the so-called epidemic of autism -- Exactly what's wrong with the really bad anti-vax websites -- Where to find the good sources to use in an argument -- How they test vaccines for safety -- What you can do to help reduce true vaccine reactions.

Two hundred and twenty pages of footnoted, double-checked, multi-sourced, Paul Offit/Respectful Insolence-endorsed honest and accurate information about one of the vitally important subjects of our time. A must for any parent and anyone else interested in vaccines.

Available on Kindle starting tomorrow, and available for pre-order in hardcover:

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