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Originally Posted by Ogre View Post
1950's Valco/Supro lap steel (bakelite! And it has the best pickup I've ever heard in it.)

Okay - here goes - I have 8 currently:

- Tele Special - homebrew build (link to thread chain where I chronicle the building)
- Telecaster homebrew build - looks like a '52 Reissue, but plays much better
- Baby Taylor (currently used more by my kids...)
- 2007 Gibson J-45 acoustic
- 1946 Gibson LG-2 - small-bodied acoustic - the sweetest, simplest tone
- 1980's Japanese Les Paul replica by Burny (still threatening to sell soon)
- 1973 Gibson Les Paul Custom - '54 Black Beauty Reissue, aka "Gracie" (link to pic of guitar + namesake) - my soulmate guitar and the one that opened my eyes to how a truly great guitar is different - nothing like a 70's LP; this is just like a 1954 Les Paul Custom
- 1957 Gibson Les Paul Special, in TV Yellow

I have been trying to get some photos taken, but my Mr. Photographer friend and I have not been able to connect up...and I always have a few moving parts I am trying to swap out or upgrade, so this list has a shelf life of yesterday...

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