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Originally Posted by Drain Bead View Post
And now that my OP is up and there won't be any mouseover issues, an experienced stage actress has been cast to play Shireen Baratheon.
I just assumed they'd written her out since they didn't use her (or her fool) this season.

Next season should be a pretty straightforward following of Storm of Swords, but have the producers said how they're going to handle seasons four and five yet? I think we can be sure there's no way they're going to give Peter Dinklage a year off, so they'll probably put Crows and Dragons in chronological order, which I think would confuse even Martin, though to be honest that's how I wish it had been written.

Since they didn't off Tyrion's nose (which admittedly would probably be a pretty expensive effect, having to digitally alter every scene he's in and that's a lot of them) I wonder if they'll off Jaime's hand.

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