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Originally Posted by Hello Again View Post
In Europe, espresso is the norm. Drip coffee is basically unheard of, except at American chains. Even places catering to Americans with usually just have "Americano" - espresso topped up with water -- not drip coffee.

BTW, the little minimugs they serve espresso or Turkish coffee in, are sometimes called "demitasse". It's French for "half-cup." Yes, sizes of beverages are smaller, but in France at least, the traditional espresso cup is still considered half-sized.
Yeah that gels with my Melbourne Australia experience, starbucks etc do an espresso and top up with water or milk. Melbourne Australia has a large Italian population and as such we have had proper coffee for a long time.

When we have corporate functions we often get served filter coffee, it is rarely drunk. Someone takes the order and pops down to a local cafe for espressos.

I have two coffee cup sizes, demi for espresso or machiatto and a larger one for a latte. More often than not lattes come in a glass.