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Originally Posted by Roderick Femm View Post
Is this something that would be an every-day brew for ordinary people?

I ask because, in these TV programs I watch, every single time someone gets coffee, whether in a cafe, restaurant, or in someone's home, it is always served in nice little china cups, and people rarely get a refill. They never show the actual brewing of the coffee, so I can't tell how it's made.

My parents used to drink coffee twice a day, in the morning and late afternoon. We did not have a filtered coffee device so this was the only type of coffee in our household for decades.

The process of making starts with a fresh fine grind of coffee in a grinder like this - Goes without saying that it’s a manual work.

Then you use an individually sized copper alloy container called “ibrik” (on this picture with a handle http://distilleryimage8.s3.amazonaws...0a1c8656_7.jpg ) where you put three teaspoons of finely grind coffee. The three teaspoons correspond to three cups of coffee you will get from “ibrik”. Let it be known that the third cup is hard-core as it will probably include coffee grind that settled at the bottom of “ibrik”.

Before you pour boiling water, you first hold “ibrik” with coffee inside over heat for a short time for coffee to warm up a bit – some even go until it starts emitting brewed coffee aroma. Right at that moment you take “ibrik” away from heat, pour in boiling water and to finish it off you put again on heat a bit so it steeps and bubbles and right before it will swell over the “ibrik” edge you take it away.

Ready to be served.

Sounds complicated and to tell you the truth, some skill is required to make it real good every time. However, over time it becomes a habit so you forget that it involves manual effort.

Traditionally, you don’t put sugar because dosage is so individual you use sugar cubes and do it like this - http://distilleryimage6.s3.amazonaws...0a1cdbb8_7.jpg.

On special occasions you serve with a cake or something - http://distilleryimage8.s3.amazonaws...380ff15b_7.jpg