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When Fox News started up, I supported the concept. I have no problem with a news network with a point of view, even a conservative one. There are some silly mainstream conventions that I thought could be challenged. Basically I was expecting wall to wall Shep Smith.

No, the problem is they get their facts screwed up. And that unsurprisingly their audience does as well. Cite. Broader citation. Obligatory followup.

Media Matters for America notes how Fox consistently messes their facts up. MMA also takes a hard line on bigotry and general nuttiness. Modern conservative analogues to that operation make a different argument about the New York Times, et al. They say the latter is biased. In other words, they hurt the feelings of those with sensitive dispositions. Very different critique.

Recent example: discussion of middle class incomes

A little older:
8.6 > 8.8. Who knew?

More bizarre charting:

You would think modern conservatives would care about being willfully misled. You would think wrong: they love it because they crave reassurance more than they want to be informed. To that extent voluntarily watching Fox News is a pretty reliable indicator of weak character.

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