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Fox News' standards at times are stunningly low for journalism regardless of political perspective:

For better or worse (depending on who you ask), Fox News has heavy slant toward Republican mainstream conservative views. Much of the time, it's a megaphone for the GOP. There's nothing intrinsically wrong with that from a free speech perspective, but it's deceptive for FN to pose as a 'fair and balanced' news outlet.

Fox News will give plenty of airtime to the Democrat's scandal (Anthony Weiner photos, Eric Holder alleged role in 'fast % furious' weapons trafficking), but not say a peep about some GOP scandals (John Ensign's affair with his own staffer + hush money, David Vitter's brothel visits, David Rivera's shadow campaign fraud).

Fox News' selective out-of-context editing of Acorn videos created completely false reporting on some incidents. As far as I know, FN never announced a correction or apology for these errors or any others for that matter.

Fox News seems much more aligned with the GOP establishment than the ring wing talk radio crowd who are far more critical of the Republican Party and DC insider establishment. The talk radio are more loyal to their declared conservative principals and ideas than the GOP party.

I don't have much praise for the other domestic TV news outlets either. The rest are very monolithic it seems. There's bias at all of them, but Fox takes it further.

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