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Originally Posted by Gerald II View Post
December 7th 2011 CBS news story

I can't find the original forum thread where the CBS story I originally came across was at, but after googling it, I think that may be the same story. I'll come back later to verify if that was the same article.
If you are saying that CBS "broke" the story in December 2011, the only thing I can think of to make sense of your claims about Maddow lying is that you are under the impression that she was claiming the story about the alleged conspiracy had just come out, which is ridiculous.

If you look at the dates on the documents she shows, the allegation from the Alabama blogger is dated March 8, 2011, and the Fox News article identifying the blogger as "an authority on the Fast and Furious investigation" was dated Sep 9, 2011.

So I really doubt that she was sneakily covering up CBS "breaking" the story in December 2011, or trying to make anyone think that the conspiracy theory was a new development. The new development, and the reason she reported on the story the day she did, was that Issa's committee had just voted (along party lines) to charge Eric Holder with contempt of Congress for invoking executive privilege.