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A decent RAW last night (save for the godawful pointless divas matches).

Started with a confusing promo from Reigns. He's pretty bad on the mic and I don't understand the point. Make him scary? Kind of an asshole? He just fell flat to me on that promo, and if the WWE is going all-in on him, and making him Cena 2.0, he has A LOT of work to do. Also Kane came out whom I HAAAATTTTEEE

I always will love an Ambrose fight, so he didn't disappoint as normal. I think he and RKO work pretty well together.

If I ever go to an event I swear I'm gonna have a sign that says "Push Kofi". I love me some Kofi Kingston and I think he should get a legitimate push. He makes his opponents look good, he's willing to do awesome spots, and he's willing to go all out in a ladder match. He had another good match with Cesaro, leading to a win! Which confuses me because I don't know what this does to Cesaro's character. Is this supposed to make him stronger? weaker? more of a heel?

Rusev crush. Which is kinda fine with me because he at least isn't doing squash matches anymore. He still wins, but at least RVD is semi-legit.

Pointless-ass promo with RKO and Kane. I guess it shows dissension in the ranks, but it was ruined guessed it...Kane

Sandow is hilarious I don't care what anyone says, but this week he fell flat. He needed to come out as Bret in the first place, then be sharpshot (sharpshootered?) by the REAL Bret and call it a segment.

Why is Paige being all buddy-buddy with AJ? They're literally the only Divas who can fight, so make em rival! Also can we call the team Pai-Jay Lee?

Rollins and Cena made a pretty good match. Cena isn't the best foil for Rollins's athleticism, so he felt a bit wasted, but otherwise it was a decent match until. GODDAMN KANE. He's so pointless. I hate him. I hate his stupid voice, and walk, and look, and mask and...gosh....everything. It's not even heel heat for me, X-pac heat all the way. And it all ends with a yawn ending. Kane interferes, Cena is knocked out, fake cash in, Ambrose, copyright, go home.

One more til Battleground right?