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So the latest update on the Asia alibi is that she might have the wrong day. Or at least she's not remembering the weather correctly.

Originally Posted by The Serial website

We looked up the weather for Wednesday, Jan. 13 and Thursday, Jan. 14, 1999. The Baltimore area certainly got hit by a big ice storm beginning in the early morning of Jan. 14. The storm left the area without power for a few days and closed Baltimore County schools on both Jan. 14 and Jan. 15.


But no snow.

So it seems unlikely Asia would have been stuck at her boyfriendís house on the evening of Jan. 13, because the ice storm didnít start until 4:30 on the morning of Jan. 14.


Considering that in just one week there were three school days cancelled due to weather, it seems possible Asia conflated these two weather events. But if her memory of talking to Adnan in the library is specifically tied to snow, then itís unlikely that the day she is remembering is Jan. 13.