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Adnan not taking the stand has never bothered me, personally. Maybe I've watched too many legal dramas, or read too many legal blogs, but I have assumed all along that Adnan's attorney:
  1. Thought that the prosecution's case was flimsy enough that she could pick it apart and create sufficient doubt for an acquittal, and,
  2. Determined that there was significant risk in allowing the prosecution the opportunity to cross-examine him.
By the second point I don't mean to imply that she knew he did it, or that he even was complicit in the murder. Just that she may have decided that his stories were sufficiently vague and conflicting (like everyone else's) that the prosecution might be able to make more from his testimony than they could from his silence.

I suspect we'll get an episode or two in the future focused on Adnan's lawyer; maybe they'll clarify some of this. I seem to remember some hints in earlier episodes that suggest she might not have been the best choice to defend his case.