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My division has two supervisors: Supervisor #1, my supervisor, is excellent at his job. He's knowledgeable, has our back, and is willing to do what is needed to overcome the red tape that makes our jobs difficult.

Supervisor #2 is basically the opposite. He's never actually performed our job on the outside, and believes in doing things "by the book" no matter what, even when the book is clearly wrong and makes things worse for our customers and clients. He's also a supreme micromanager, and thinks nothing of sending back work for revision if, say, one comma is out of place, even for documents that stay in-house. We've had a few retirements lately, and a couple of the retirees have told me directly that he is the reason they decided to retire when they did.

The good supervisor has just taken a job in Headquarters. No one has told us anything about how he will be replaced, even though Friday was his last day. If his job is posted, I'm thinking about applying just so I can be sure the bad supervisor is not over me. If Bad Supervisor gets us all, I expect a LOT more retirements and defections; the department has several people who can leave.