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Originally Posted by Kinthalis View Post
My guarantees were based on the fact that MOST multiplatform games have frame rate issues on the PS4. Maybe I wasn't clear enough on that point.
Except for the ones that were developed first on one platform and then ported. These sort of issues are not new, they've been going on as long as there's been games. I remember as an Amiga owner continually playing crappy Atari ST ports as for a long time the ST was more popular. Graphics used less colours and the sound was the three channel tinny sort of shit you got on STs. Eventually things improved (the ST was initially cheaper and so initially sold more).

Originally Posted by Kinthalis View Post
Sorry I offended you with my PCMR comments, like correcting you on the whole exaggerating PC port issues thing.
Exaggerated in your opinion. As I said, Japanese developers, for example, have a long history of terrible PC ports. Hell, ports in general (see the "remaster" of the Silent Hill series on PS3/360/PC from 2012 that screwed up lighting, atmospheric fog, water, general loss of the grain that was an artistic decision of the original game ...).