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Originally Posted by Richard Pearse View Post
Not sure why you'd be angry, I mean how it does it affect you?
Have you ever been angry when a really stupid movie comes out that's been overhyped, and the reviews come out and say it's bad and not what it promised to be and has all sorts of problems, but people ignore that and go see it anyway due to the hype?

What if it was up against other movies that had merit and were small projects with similar appeal but higher quality and those movies withered because all the money was going to the super hyped one?

I normally wouldn't care very much, but it's always sad to me to see when advertising/hype completely takes something over. We'd all like for things to be a meritocracy and not simply a battle of marketing budgets. If this game was a $20 game with 30,000 concurrent users on day one - like a lot of other niche indie games with fun ideas like, say, Starbound, Rimworld, Rust, 7 days to die, Don't Starve, etc. it would've been fine.

But instead, Sony's marketing department got ahold of it and suddenly this game that should be a $20 indie title is a full blown $60 title. And despite this it explodes anyway, having one of the biggest launches ever on steam by concurrent numbers, higher than a lot of legit AAA games with broad mass appeal and not that far behind behemoths like Grand Theft Auto 5.

And it's not like it turned out to be great and exactly what everyone wanted. The user ratings are very poor. Features were flat out lied about. Hints that the final stages of the game at the center of the galaxy were going to be this amazing thing that no one should spoil were misleading. It's a technical mess (not just on PC, the damn thing runs on like 50 FOV on PS4 to keep the frame rate acceptable) because despite having an AAA marketing budget and an AAA price and an AAA timeframe to develop the game, no one bothered to hire QA testers and put out AAA quality.

The defenders treat it like it's a $20 niche indie game. Dismissing all the flaws by saying "what did you expect, it's a 15 man development team!" leaving out the part about how a 15 man development team doesn't get to charge $60 for games. They want Terraria/Don't Starve/etc-level acceptance of limitations but GTA-5 level price and launch success.

And... I just don't understand why people allowed themselves to be hoodwinked. The developer was suspiciously vague about pre-launch promises. The developer had no track record and yet everyone expected this mind-blowing game - at least with Spore we had a developer with a track record. We had Sony using heavy-handed tactics to suppress early footage and early reviews and even early discussion and not allow any reviews. When does that ever speak well to the quality of the product? And then we even had 3 days after the console launch to see that it wasn't what it was cracked up to be and it was at least disappointing. And yet after that, we still had a whole lot of people who preordered and kept their preorders. Why?

As for me, I've never pre-ordered a game but I pre-ordered this because I thought the concept sounded cool and I was in a bit of a gaming slump at the time. Maybe there were just lots and lots of people who thought the concept sounded cool. The difference between that and something like The Witcher is that The Witcher is a known quantity. The Witcher 3 was a sequel to a game that some people like and some don't. That automatically excludes a large number of gamers from ordering it because they already know they aren't interested. NMS had a cool sounding concept to pique gamer's interest and little enough actual detail that gamers would fill in the blanks with wishful thinking.
What advantage did you get by preordering this game? You couldn't even preload the thing. I truly don't understand the preorder mentality. I understand kickstarter backing - if you don't do it, the game may not be made at all. But whether or not you preordered this game had no impact on its development cycle at all. You received no advantages for doing so. No discount or anything. So why do it? Why not see if it's actually any good before committing $60 to it?

It's hard to believe anyone could be in a "gaming slump" that they needed to preorder a new game to cure. Aside from the fact that preordering a game doesn't actually allow you to play it, there are thousands of amazing games out right now for PC. You could find something better, something cheaper, something that was a known quantity with reviews and gameplay footage and something you could actually play now.

If this ends up being a disaster for Hello Games then I think they can blame Sony for jumping on it and themselves for not seeing the adverse affect the hype would ultimately have.
It won't be a disaster because they've already made tens of millions of dollars off of it. Who cares anymore? The marketing team delivered masterfully - which means it doesn't matter that the development team didn't.