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Originally Posted by Martini Enfield View Post
Or - and this is equally likely - people have shit to do on the day during Saturday?
On what basis do you conclude that this is equally likely?

Concurrent game daily peak players is actually remarkably stable, but the peaks are typically on Saturday and Sunday with about 10-20% more players than the weekday peaks. Most games follow this pattern.

So people weren't too busy on Saturday to play GTA 5 or Civ 5 or Rocket League or hundreds of other games. But people are too busy on Saturday to play No Man's Sky.

Meanwhile, the game has terrible reviews and a whole lot of people have said they've refunded.

But you suppose that it's equally likely that there's a No-Man's-Sky-specific Saturday drop off in popularity because people are too busy for gaming which only applies to that game (meanwhile every other game sees a minor Saturday boost) than that Steam offers refunds and that people are using it on a game with poor reviews and widespread technical issues.

If literally hundreds of thousands of people had refunded their copy of the game, I'd expect one of the major and reputable gaming outlets to have a story on it. I haven't seen that story yet. Not saying it isn't true, but I'd suggest there's probably other factors at play too.
Valve is a private company and has no obligation to release sales reports nor reports about refunds. It's against their interest to publicize refunds since it's likely to remind people that such an option exists and create a perception that everyone is doing it which would encourage more refunds. So where are these stories going to come from? If you want anecdotes you can go to any reddit thread about the game and see dozens of people talk about how they refunded it.

I agree this game has been way, way overhyped - but I also know the marketing-led hype stopped months ago and the residual has been carried on by the fans - many of whom are not doing anyone any favours by getting their undies in a twist over (IMHO) trivial stuff like exactly how multiplayer the game really is.
Whether or not a game is multiplayer or not is not trivial. It wasn't so long ago that they were spinning the game as sort of an MMO. But yes, that's one of the more minor complaints.

The main complaint I've seen is that there's simply not much meat to the gameplay. After you go to 20 planets, you start seeing the pattern. Blue cat-headed-lizard turns into red lizard-headed-cat. There's not much of interest about the crafting and survival elements either. Survival is pretty easy - you just run around shooting your laser at whatever has a label on it and you'll survive just fine. There's not really any crafting, just upgrading your suit and ship. There's so little to do with the materials you gather that you end up selling most of it. And there's not any sort of even minecraft-level challenge to collecting resources. You don't have to delve into deep carve caves to grab uranium, you don't have to find specific animals that would process something like pearls. You just walk around the surface finding different nodes and lasering them, all the same. There might as well just be one resource type and you collect +1 of it every time you point your laser at a node.

The exploring gets repetitive fast, there's no challenge to the survival, there's no meaningful crafting, and the resource system is extremely samey and has very little gameplay challenge or variety. So for an explore-gather-survive game it's pretty much empty on those core components.

The space component isn't any better. Space combat has the complexity of an atari game, you just point at things and shoot. There's no galactic economy so it's not like you can play your own version of a pirate or merchant like you can in something like freelancer.

So even if the launch were honest, and there were no lies about multiplayer and no technical issues, the actual things that it purports to be are lacking. People are in the honeymoon phase now because a lot of people have said that the first 5 hours are fun, but it gets pretty repetitive after that, and because people really want to justify and like how much they invested in this game, both emotionally and financially. But this one is going to drop off the radar fast. It'll be trivially easy to demonstrate with the steam numbers in the coming weeks.