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[QUOTE=SenorBeef;19553042]On what basis do you conclude that this is equally likely?[quote]

I'm being slightly facetious, but my point is that more than 100,000 people refunding a USD$60 game would mean that more than USD$600,000 in refunds were issued for one game in one morning/afternoon.

That's enormous so like I said, I'd expect at least one of the reputable gaming news outlets to have done something on it. Several of them have excellent journalists who aren't beholden to the games companies and are reading the same Reddit threads you are, so the fact they haven't written that story suggests that maybe, perhaps, you're reading a bit much into things at this stage.

The main complaint I've seen is that there's simply not much meat to the gameplay... So even if the launch were honest, and there were no lies about multiplayer and no technical issues, the actual things that it purports to be are lacking. People are in the honeymoon phase now because a lot of people have said that the first 5 hours are fun, but it gets pretty repetitive after that, and because people really want to justify and like how much they invested in this game, both emotionally and financially. But this one is going to drop off the radar fast. It'll be trivially easy to demonstrate with the steam numbers in the coming weeks.
The thing is, Steam refunds are only good for two hours of gameplay. So you can't get to five hours and go "Well, this sucks" and refund it. It doesn't work like that. Obviously there will be people who played it, found it boring or confusing or it didn't work and refunded it; that's a given. Maybe in a few weeks the numbers will drop off, they almost certainly will. Deus Ex is out in about 10 days; that's going to be pretty popular too.

My gut feeling is No Man's Sky will be a game you load up, derp around in a bit for, do some stuff, name some things, admire the scenery then go and do something else. It's not particularly stressful, it's not difficult, but it's different. And in space.

Personally, I'm still enjoying the game and I've got considerably more than five hours in it. There's some issues - the inability to set your own waypoints is a huge one; I came across a crashed awesome ship but didn't have everything I needed to get it working so I went away to get it, came back and couldn't find the crash site again, for example.

The way I'm playing the game is I'm telling my own story as I go, creating a photolog of things I've seen and generally enjoying the "Alone in a strange universe" aspect. I get that's not everyone's cup of tea, but it's definitely mine. I'm enjoying the game as is and am looking forward to seeing what they do with it.

IMHO No Man's Sky it's basically a space-based version of games likeThe Long Dark, Stranded Deep and Subnautica; they all have essentially no plot and drop you in a hostile environment and say "Have fun! Try not to die horribly." Two of those games have almost no buzz at all and one of them is fairly well known partly because of it's unusual setting (Canada after the apocalypse).

My point is just because you're angry at the game's existence doesn't mean the game has no value whatsover for anyone else - or that anyone who is enjoying the game is a fanboy or somehow "invested" in it for some reason. People like different things; it's why now is one of the best times to be a PC Gamer and I say that as someone who's been gaming on PCs since the days when full-colour display screens were a luxury not available to everyone.

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