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Originally Posted by Knowed Out View Post
I'm trying out the Dagger/Boots strat. The wiki says they're the most cost-effective. So far, it's working. There's no metal wasted on the other upgrades, so the click-everything tactic is out. Before, I felt like I had to click every upgrade possible, but it eventually led me into a production pit that I could never climb out of because I could never keep up with the upgrades. Now I've learned patience is key in this game.
Well, as the wiki says they're most cost-effective at the same prestige level.

I read this and thought it might be useful. Right now I'm considering the two upgrades Greatersword 9 or Dagadder 10. Ignoring prestige level, Greatsword is the worst and dagger is the best, right?

Greatersword 9 with my current level of artisanistry costs 7.09 Qa metal for a 70.9B weapon. Dagadder 10 is 15.3 Qa metal for a 151B weapon. The numbers here happen to be very close to a nice even factor of 10000 different, so it's easy to see that the lower tier Greatersword is a very sightly a better deal than the higher tier Dagger. For completeness I should mention that the replaced sword is 7.39B and the tier higher replaced dagger would be 15.8B and everything is level 1.

I don't know if that's true for every tier level, but I don't think that generalizing to only buy pants and dagger is a good plan, because each new tier is somewhat less cost-effective than the one before. Like Coordination, I'm nowhere near caught up to buying all available upgrades.