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Originally Posted by HurricaneDitka View Post
This appears, at least to me, to be the most significant progress towards denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula that has made in the last couple of decades. Am I missing something here, or is this good news?
This is nowhere close to the most significant progress.

One they lie. They've previously abandoned pursuit of nuclear weapons in international agreements. If true those statements would have been far more significant progression. They, obviously, didn't follow through. One of the old saws of disarmament is "Trust but verify." Previous behavior makes trust problematic. There's no announcement about them allowing verification procedures.

This only abandons a tiny chunk of their nuclear enterprise. They said nothing about continuing to build and deploy nuclear weapons based on the lessons learned from the recent period of heavy testing. They also didn't abandon continued research and development to support their nuclear enterprise. They only claim to be abandoning ballistic missile launches and live nuclear warhead tests along with one test site. That's it.

They share/sell ballistic technology with other countries. One of those is Iran. Iran's been conducting ballistic missile tests recently. Sharing technology with Iran that then gets test launched is one way to still get live fire test results at this point.

This looks a lot like a press release designed to influence international public opinion before upcoming negotiations.