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Originally Posted by HurricaneDitka View Post

I'm rather pleasantly surprised with the progress Trump has made on the North Korean front. This appears, at least to me, to be the most significant progress towards denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula that has made in the last couple of decades. Am I missing something here, or is this good news?
"in the last couple of decades"??

Dude, no progress could have been made on denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula two decades ago, because it was still denuclearized, thanks to the Clinton-era Agreed Framework. Which Republicans opposed from the get-go because it was 'appeasement.' And our new National Security Adviser had a hand in killing it during the Bush years. And so by the middle of the '00s, NK was finally a nuclear power.

Any progress made by Republicans to address the problem of NK's nukes is at best an attempt to undo the damage they did in enabling those nukes in the first place. I wish them well, but they don't deserve our plaudits.