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Perfect ambiguity sounds... perfect. Heroin and Cocaine, that makes sense. And then there's the "real" Hotel California, a hotel in Baja, in Todos Santos, about 40 miles north of Cabo (gMap, You can drive down a dark, desert highway to get to it.

But there is a clear disclaimer at the bottom of the hotel's history page:
The song “Hotel California” by the Eagles was not in any way inspired by the Hotel California in Todos Santos. The hotel wishes to inform its guests that there is no past or present connection between the hotel and the Eagles, any of its members, or their song. Any rumors or innuendo suggesting that the song is associated with or inspired by the hotel are untrue.
Still, we stopped in for drinks when we drove through. It was a nice break, and I snapped one of my favorite pictures of my wife there ( We were across the street from that Hotel California, which is off the frame to the viewer's right in that picture.