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Originally Posted by DSYoungEsq View Post
And, of course, I called it. Lost 0 - 1 in the 94th minute.
Once they missed that penalty, it just looked like it was going to be Cardiff's day, somehow. They've been playing well lately, especially at home. And the winning goal was fantastic.
Originally Posted by madsircool View Post
Once De Bruyne comes back Man City will put Liverpool back in its place.
I love Kevin de Bruyne. If I were creating a team from scratch, with an unlimited budget, he would probably be the first player I picked.

But if Man City can't win without him, they don't deserve to win. They've got so many talented players that, on any given day, they have a half-dozen guys on the bench who would start on basically any other team in the league. De Bruyne's absence can't be the excuse for their mediocre recent performances, especially since they were cruising so nicely without him for much of the first half of the season.

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