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Originally Posted by Lamoral View Post
Maybe a hijack but....

I get WHY people do this "Latinx" thing, to be gender inclusive, but it doesn't scan well at all, either visually in text, or in the internal monolog of the reader. I've never heard anyone say the word out loud - probably for this very reason. Surely there is a better word that means the same thing, right? I'm not blaming YOU, you weren't the one who invented it....I just wish something better would supplant it.
My thought is that "Latini" might been a better choice but maybe I'm not thinking it through all the way.

One thing about "Latinx" to me is that I scan it as "Latin ecks" not "la-TEEN-ecks" as I think it's supposed to be pronounced. I manage to pronounce it the latter way but it takes me a moment to think about it.

Hijack finished!