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Originally Posted by commasense View Post
What I'm wondering is why, in 35 years of modern Jeopardy!, did no one ever think to do this before? We've had people hunting for the DDs, and jumping categories to confuse rivals, but how could Holzhauer be the first to discover this method? It's amazing.
People are vastly overstating the degree to which is strategy is integral to his continued winning. Yes, he's worked out a way to increase his win expectation (at the cost of his variance - his strategy is easier to sink from one fluke) but 95% of what makes him dominate is simply because he's really good on the buzzer and knows the answer to almost all the questions. His strategy is what gets him the big dollar amounts at the end of the day, but he would almost certainly be on just as big a winning streak if he played more conventionally, just with less total money won.