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Originally Posted by HurricaneDitka View Post
I agree, and I was heartened that it got fairly substantial push-back from multiple posters of various political persuasions (I think) right in that thread.
When I first read that post I only skimmed it. The impression I had then was the poster was basically saying:

"If SCOTUS makes abortion illegal there would still be some blue states that would "allow" abortions because women won't stop needing them just because it's illegal so better to have competent doctor's and proper facilities than back-alley stuff."

I thought he/she was implying that some states would "look the other way" when abortions were performed under those circumstances. But then I re-read it and saw that he/she wrote:

Originally Posted by 2ManyTacos View Post
a coalition of Blue States will [...] continue to allow legal abortion in those states
Which is wrong on the face of it because abortion would no longer be legal, and:

SCOTUS relies on voluntary compliance, after all.
I suppose it's true the Justices wont try to physically stop you if you violate their rulings, but other sectors of the U.S. government might be a bit less passive.