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Originally Posted by XT View Post
Well, does that extend to everything then? I mean, if I support gay marriage, do I need to become gay and get married? If I support the right for a woman to choose, does that mean I have to get pregnant?
I believe war is fundamentally different than these other issues.

It doesn't seem reasonable to me that if I support some position of my government that means I have to directly participate in it. Seems all sorts of crazy to call someone coward that supports the US in a military action by not joining the forces...hell, I think calling someone a coward is foolish in any case, as you can't know what is in their heads or how they think. Conversely, I don't see how being in the military gives anyone the right to be the only ones who can support the government in military action. That, also, seems ridiculous to me, especially considering the fact that our own system specifies that it's the civilian branch that controls and directs our military. What you say, if taken to it's logical conclusion, is that ONLY military people can support US military action, and anyone else is an extreme coward if they do but aren't in the military, or aren't rushing off to join. That's contrary to our entire system.

I get that you are trying to make a point...but it's not a good point. IMHO.
This appears to make a lot of assumptions that are either absent from my OP or even in direct conflict. IMO your points don't actually challenge anything I said, aside from your quibble with calling someone a coward.