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Originally Posted by WildBlueYonder View Post does that happen? Trees regrow but that oil that produces the plastic bags will disappear for a few million years...what about all the plastic bottles out there too??
Paper bags weigh more than comparable carry-capacity in plastic bags, so they cost more (oil) to transport. They are also somewhat energy-expensive to produce. I think it's entirely plausible that paper bags use as much carbon, on average, as plastic bags.

And yes, those plastic bags will disappear in well until a few million years. I'm guessing we will start having trouble with plastic "rotting" in my lifetime.

BUT paper bags don't produce trash problems, because they break down quickly when they get wet. So no whale is going to choke on a plastic bag. If they get tangled in trees or fences, they will degrade, and fall down on their own. And they rot pretty quickly today -- no bacterial evolution needed.