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Originally Posted by Little Nemo View Post
States insisted? How do states communicate? I've live in a state all my life and I've never heard it say a word.

States don't talk. People talk. So explain why a person who lives in Wyoming should have more representation than a person who lives in California.
Because we are a collection of 50 individual states, not just one nation.
The Senate doesn't represent you. It's supposed to represent the interests of the States. And there is more to a State than just it's population. Its it's natural resources, it's commerce and industry, it's agriculture, etc. And our nation doesn't work if each of the states are not equal. If a State's worth in our legislature was based solely on population; what incentive would a state like WY or ID have to join the Union in the first place? And then where would we be? (dont forget WY has Yellowstone).

The problem arises because we have two houses of Congress representing the interest of two separate groups voting on all legislation. We should segregate their responsibilities. The Senate should be mainly concerned with things that effect the States: such as interstate commerce, infrastructure, energy, national security, foreign relations. . . Just to name a few. The House should be concerned with things that concern the citizens: Treasury, Education, HHS, Labor and the like. And both Houses should vote only on things that effect both groups; such as Justice, transportation, immigration, budget, etc.

We have to remember, the individual states were more like separate nations 250 years ago and Congress was initially conceived as a body concerned with managing relations between those "nations." The rights of the people to govern themselves in a representative way was a new concept back then. And the best way the Founding Fathers knew to deal with this new kind of nation was a bicameral Congress.

I think its still a good idea. It just needs a few tweaks. And we all have to remember that we are more than just the sum of our population.


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