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Originally Posted by Little Nemo View Post
States insisted? How do states communicate? I've live in a state all my life and I've never heard it say a word.

States don't talk. People talk. So explain why a person who lives in Wyoming should have more representation than a person who lives in California.
It's no use, it will just go around and around in circles that that was how the founding fathers, in their perfect infallibility and prognostication determined it to be.

Just because the disparity between the largest and smallest at the time was about 10 to one, and now it is closer to 100 to 1 doesn't mean that anything has changed.

Since the majority of the population is represented by the minority of the senate, then that is something that cannot be easily undone. It was a deal made in good faith for the good of the nation. A sharing of power between the wealthier, more populous states, and the smaller ones that couldn't have stood on their own, but still held out until the larger states gave in and gave them power disproportionate to the people.

There are many proposals that could make it fairer. There are many ways to make it better reflect the ideals of a democracy. But that would require those who currently hold an undemocratic amount of power to actually concede to giving up some of that power in the name of democracy and for the good of the country.

Those who hold to the status quo are not wrong that it is a difficult, if not impossible task, to rebalance the scales in favor of the people. I personally find that to be an undemocratic position to hold, but unfortunately, it only takes a small minority of the people who that imbalance favors to hold that opinion in order to keep it in place.

It'd be a bit like people trying to vote out a despot. The despot doesn't care that the people are against him, he has the power, and that is all that matters.